UN Forum Speaker Demands $5M For Descendants of Slavery

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Since the death of the fentanyl-riddled violent career criminal George Floyd while he was being restrained by a police officer in 2020, and the subsequent rise of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, there have been over 90 committees set up to look into providing “reparations” to black people in the United States, despite the obvious flaw in the proposition that there should be an unlimited amount of money available on the magic money tree to provide for said reparations. (Hint: there isn’t.)

This hasn’t stopped yet another highly intelligent but obviously unhinged university professor demanding reparations to the tune of $5 million for each and every Black American who is a “descendant of slavery”. In addition, Professor Justin Hansford, speaking at the UN Permanent Forum on People of African Descent (PFPAD), called for an end to what he described as the “continuation of slavery” in the US.

In what might seem like a complete waste of time and money to most normal people, the theme of the UN PFPAD session was “Realizing the Dream: the protection, promotion and respect for the human rights of those of African descent.” Professor Hansford used the occasion to argue that the current framework of laws, devised and maintained as it has been by the white lawyers and scholars of the past, is totally inadequate when it comes to addressing black peoples’ need for justice.

He proposed that his own system of justice, which just happens to include a demand for $5 million and a public apology for every black American, should be implemented as soon as possible – which would at least go some way to making amends for the wrongs of the past and pave the way for the “discontinuation of slavery”, by which he presumably refers to liberating those poor unfortunates who have been condemned for life to serve burgers and fries for a pittance in the slave galleys of McDonalds.

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