Union Official Says Green-Lighting Pilots Puts Passengers in Danger

Union Official Says Green-Lighting Pilots Puts Passengers In Danger

New Airline TREND May Endanger Passengers!

(ConservativeInsider.org) – When COVID-19 first hit American shores, it affected many businesses, and the airline industry was one of the hardest hit. Travel restrictions followed by a lack of desire to fly and vaccine mandates caused a reduction in the demand for flights, which caused both pilots and flight attendants to leave the industry and seek other employment. Now that people want to travel again, there is a shortage of workers, and the current solution for the airlines is causing a few raised eyebrows in the industry.

On August 3, Fox News published excerpts from an interview with Pilots Association Communications Chair Dennis Tajer. Within the article, the union official said airlines are “recklessly” utilizing pilots, pushing them to fly more flights than is wise — a policy known as green-lighting. This causes many pilots to hit the legal limit of hours they can work as well as call off due to fatigue.

Tajer, who has led the union’s communications department for 15 years, says the number of fatigue calls among American Airlines pilots increased four-fold in June, with some days hitting as high as a 10-fold increase. This shows a greater industry issue of not having enough pilots for the growing demand for flights.

In statements to Fox News, multiple airlines emphasized their pilots stay within the federal regulations, although Tajer noted such guidelines are still not healthy to butt up against repeatedly. While airlines are trying to recruit more aviators, even Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is looking for ways to bring forward a “new generation of qualified pilots.” What do you think would best motivate people to work for commercial airlines?

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