United Nations Sounds Alarm on Potential Water Crisis

United Nations Sounds Alarm on Potential Water Crisis

(ConservativeInsider.org) – The United Nations has agencies to investigate a myriad of the issues facing the world, whether they relate to health and the environment or weather and water patterns. With this, the UN’s World Meteorological Organization (WMO) just released a report detailing “water stress” and the impending water crisis facing nearly every nation in the coming years.

On Tuesday, October 5, the WMO released the 2021 State of Climate Services report, asserting that approximately 3.6 billion humans “face inadequate access to water at least one month per year.” The report mentioned flood-type disasters went up 134% since 2000, and droughts have increased by 29% in both duration and amount.

The Associated Press shared more of the reports’ data on Twitter:

These water shortages affect people’s food supply and sanitation, while hurricanes and floods destroy communities and kill unprepared residents. The report blames much of the crisis on the melting of ice and snow, called terrestrial water. This terrestrial storage has gone down one centimeter per year recently, mostly in Antarctica and Greenland. If this continues, the WMO believes the crisis will simply continue to get worse.

Many governments say they are working on these issues. Meanwhile, the WMO highlighted that access to clean drinking water, early-warning technology warning against droughts and floods, and fighting the world’s carbon output are all essential to combating this emergency and keeping people around the world safe in the coming years.

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