United States Fires on Iran

United States Fires on Iran

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Since he took office, President Joe Biden has been trying to restart talks between the US and Iran in hopes of getting the country to sign back onto the Iran Nuclear Deal that President Donald Trump backed out of in 2018. But, tensions between our two nations got rockier this week after Iranian vessels approached two US ships, prompting our military to fire warning shots at them.

On Monday, April 27, three speedboats manned by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy (IRGCN) approached the USS Baranoff and the USS Firebolt in international waters in the northern portion of the Persian Gulf. After multiple bridge-to-bridge radio warnings and loud-speaker declarations, the IRGCN boats continued their course towards the US Coast Guard and Navy ships. So, the USS Firebolt fired warning shots across the Iranian boats’ bow. Only after that did the IRGCN vessels alter their course.

CNN’s Senior White House Correspondent Phil Mattingly shared the news:

On Tuesday, the US Navy released a statement about the event, also disclosing that this was the second similar incident this month. It noted that on April 2, a similar event occurred, although no warning shots were fired.

Whether these incidents were thinly veiled threats from Iran or accidental encroachments by rogue actors is to be determined. Either way, the stakes are incredibly high and a miscalculation now could be fraught with consequence.

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