Unpacking Trump’s America First Healthcare Plan

Unpacking Trump's America First Healthcare Plan

(ConservativeInsider.org) – As the next presidential election closes in, President Donald Trump pushes to fulfill all of his first term campaign promises. Next on his list is repealing Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA) while outlining his America First Healthcare Plan to replace it.

When Will the ACA Be Repealed?

On November 10, just one week after Election Day, the case of California vs. Texas is going to the Supreme Court. This lawsuit is the latest in attempts from the GOP to repeal Obamacare. With the current conservative-leaning 5-3 split on the nation’s high court, there is a chance the ACA may be struck down. If there’s an ninth justice added, the court could have an even larger conservative margin.

President Trump Assures Those With Pre-Existing Conditions

In a rally in North Carolina on Thursday, September 24, President Trump announced his America First Healthcare Plan that would “ensure that Americans with preexisting conditions are protected” even if the ACA and its protections are repealed. He praised the plan on Twitter:

In a series of Executive Orders, the White House provided an overview of the plan.

What Will Trump’s Healthcare Plan Look Like?

The September 24 Executive Order details everything President Trump has done since 2017 to improve the quality of healthcare in this country. A few of the highlighted laws include:

  • Repealed the penalty for not purchasing health insurance
  • Expanded health savings accounts (HSAs)
  • Decreased the price of prescription drugs
  • Decreased fraud and abuse within the healthcare system

While the new executive order does not outline a specific healthcare plan, it does emphasize what it’s goals would be, which include:

  • Provide Americans with more healthcare choices
  • Lower medicine costs and insurance premiums for Americans
  • Improve transparency with medical procedures and their costs
  • Ensure quality care for veterans
  • Research and promote treatments of Alzheimer’s, sickle cell disease, pediatric cancer, and more

Trump expands on his order here:

This new order clearly sets out the Trump administration’s intentions. However, it can only be walked out “with applicable law” passed by Congress and is currently unenforceable.

Over the coming weeks, as the election heats up and the Supreme Court decides on the future of Obamacare, Republicans may have a chance to show what their replacement could be. Only time will tell what it looks like.

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