US Accuses China of Violating North Korea Sanctions

US Accuses China of Violating North Korea Sanctions

( – China and North Korea are notorious for skirting international rules and attempting to hide their nuclear weapons and illicit imports. But, in true American fashion, the United States government just called out China for failing in its responsibility to enforce sanctions against North Korea.

On Tuesday, December 1, Deputy Assistant Secretary for North Korea Alex Wong warned China of potential new US sanctions in response to their blatant ignoring of United Nations (UN) sanctions against North Korea.

Wong said that China has hosted a minimum of 20,000 laborers from North Korea and allowed ships to carry sanctioned goods between the countries 555 times. This is in addition to the Communist country’s continued relationship with sanctioned entities and North Korean weapons dealers.

This comes just two weeks after the US Department of the Treasury sanctioned two companies in Russia for illegally exporting workers from North Korea. With this, Wong spoke to Chinese officials, saying “more [sanctions] are forthcoming.”

China and North Korea both have plenty to hide, but US intelligence is able to see through much of it. By imposing these sanctions, the Trump Administration hopes to persuade North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons to secure a safe future for the United States and the world.

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