US Airstrikes Backfire As Troops Attacked

US Airstrikes Backfire As Troops Attacked

( – President Donald Trump’s posture toward Iran was tough, direct, and no-nonsense. But, President Joe Biden’s approach is much different and likely to fail if not fixed. Just days after he ordered strikes against Iranian-backed militias in Syria, they shot rockets back our way.

On Thursday, February 25, US forces struck a border checkpoint in Syria commonly used by Iranian-sponsored militias. On Wednesday, March 3, at least 10 rockets were shot back and hit the Ain al-Asad base in Iraq.

While the airbase holds both US troops, coalition, and Iraqi forces, no one was injured by the rockets. However, according to Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, one American civilian contractor passed away after a “cardiac episode” during the incident.

American advocate and philanthropist Adam Milstein shares more intel about the attack:

This aggressive act shows that Iran is not intimidated by President Biden right now. His posture has been inconsistent, and Iran is testing him with this latest strike. If the president does not stand up to the bully, Iran will continue to push the envelope of aggression and likely endanger more US and Iraqi troops. Let’s hope that President Biden shows he will not stand for this retaliation and will respond appropriately.

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