US Commander Requests Military Deployment of Ships

US Commander Requests Military Deployment of Ships

( – China and Russia have been stretching their military muscles in recent months, threatening to invade nearby nations and territories. However, other countries have joined forces to put on a similar show of strength hoping the two threatening world powers will keep their military in check. Even with this, a US Commander requested the Navy send additional aircraft carriers to the Pacific region to keep the situation in balance.

On Sunday, November 21, Japan kicked off a 10-day joint naval forces exercise with Australia, Canada, Japan, Germany, and the United States. At its conclusion, US Vice Admiral Karl Thomas, commander of the US Seventh Fleet, told reporters he would like to see “six, seven or eight” aircraft carriers in the Pacific waters to “deter aggression from some of these nations that are showing burgeoning strength.”

The Hill shared more about the call:

While China only has one domestically-built aircraft carrier, the Pentagon expects it to add a second carrier by 2024 and a third soon after. More carriers in addition to Russia’s growing presence on its border with Ukraine gives Thomas reason to hope the US can put forward a stronger show of power in the region. Thomas hopes to keep the region from breaking out into an unnecessary battle or war by deterring any additional threats and aggression through additional naval strength.

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