US Consumer Prices Highest Since 2009

US Consumer Prices Highest Since 2009

( – Americans are starting to travel again as businesses reopen and the temperatures warm. But, alongside this rekindled demand for cars, restaurant food, and other everyday essentials comes inflated prices as the demand exceeds the supply.

According to the US Labor Department, the consumer price index went up 0.9% from March to April this year, the largest jump since 1982. This means everyday items are getting more expensive, as well as larger items like cars. This inflation doesn’t seem to have an end in sight according to many Bloomberg economists. Bloomberg’s Quicktake tells more:

Right now, no one can truly predict how long this inflated pricing will last. For consumers, it may be best to buy a home or a vehicle now while interest rates are still low and manageable. Other big-ticket items may be worth considering as long as Americans can stay out of debt and away from variable interest rates. Managing money wisely, especially in trying times, provides financial freedom, which is a beautiful thing in our modern era.

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