US Customers Hit With 250% Surge

US Customers Hit With 250% Surge

( – With the holidays quickly approaching, many Americans are trying to get their shopping done well ahead of the last-minute rush. Whether they’re hoping to avoid inevitable shipping delays or want to get the perfect toys while they’re in stock, it’s the right move for those who can make it work. Yet, some people have still found it impossible to get what they want, as out-of-stock messages are up 250% compared to January 2020.

According to Adobe, out-of-stock messages are up even higher at 325% when comparing October 2021 to October 2019. All in all, distributors sent over 2 billion of these messages to online shoppers in October alone. However, this still didn’t hamper American spending last month, as consumers spent over $72.4 billion on online purchases, which indicated an 8% uptick from 2020.

Retail reporter Dallas Morning News Maria Halkias informed Americans how to get what they need before the impending holiday rush:

Overall, electronics have been the most difficult to find, although jewelry, apparel, and pet products don’t stay in stock long. In addition, the cost of shipping has gone up and the assurance products will arrive on time has gone down.

Americans will have to deal with increased prices and stress this holiday season as companies label more and more items “out of stock.” The tight squeeze during a seemingly endless pandemic will likely only hurt the current administration’s already poor image.

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