US Navy Sails to China Sea in Act of Strength

US Navy Sails To China Sea In Act Of Strength

( – This week, our commander-in-chief maintained his tough on China policy as two US Navy ships sailed through contested waters near the Communist country. The freedom of navigation operation (FONOP) helped secure the lawful use of the waters in the region as written in international maritime law.

Last week, a Navy destroyer sailed through the contested Taiwan Strait between Taiwan and China, only to be followed by the USS John McCain pushing through the Spratly Island chain on Tuesday, December 22. Both of these missions purposefully went into disputed territory in order to secure the principle of freedom of navigation.

China and other countries, like Malaysia and Taiwan, each claim ships must notify them in advance before passing through certain waters near them, even though this is against international law.

The US Navy’s 7th fleet shared the mission’s accomplishments on Twitter:

The US Navy’s bold moves to pass through these waters showed China that we will not be pushed around by their commands. Through this mission, we showed the Eastern hemisphere that we will always fight for freedom and rights for all.

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