US Places Giant Order in Response to Monkeypox

US Places Giant Order in Response to Monkeypox

US Government Gives Mysterious $119 Million “Order” As Illness Spreads.

( – Monkeypox is a disease spread by body fluids, close contact, and respiratory droplets. While it is not as contagious as COVID-19 and the flu, it does cause fevers and headaches and could lead to a rash of lesions, mainly on the face, arms, and legs. The current outbreak started in Europe, and Global.Health has reported over 160 non-African positive cases around the globe as of May 23. Out of an abundance of caution, the US government ordered monkeypox vaccines to combat the spread should it continue.

On Wednesday, May 18, biotech company Bavarian Nordic announced the US was purchasing $119 million worth of Jynneos vaccines, which protect humans against monkeypox and smallpox. The full contract costs $299 million as the company will convert the vaccines to a freeze-dried version with an extended shelf life.

Despite this vaccine order, President Joe Biden does not expect it to be a major issue in the United States.

While the spread of this virus is typically slow, experts believe two raves in Europe expedited the current outbreak as it has spread quickly among gay men. While it is not a sexually transmitted disease, sexual activity does create a close contact situation where the disease is more likely to spread. is reporting two confirmed and six suspected cases in the US as of May 23.  The CDC has issued a notice calling for travelers to practice enhanced precautions, especially when visiting certain countries.

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