US Surrogacy Industry Thrives Thanks to Chinese Parents

( – In what many are deeming the “rent-a-womb” industry, there has been a significant increase of Chinese nationals paying American women to carry their children as surrogates.

Surrogacy, the practice of implanting an embryo into a woman to incubate for another person or couple, is banned in China, which is partially why so many Chinese nationals have outsourced this labor to American women. An additional benefit is that any child born in the United States automatically becomes a citizen due to our birthright laws—meaning even if the biological parents are 100% Chinese and the child is raised entirely in China, the child maintains US citizenship throughout their life. This allows the parents to apply for full US citizenship as well when their child turns 21, which is often cheaper and faster than many other methods of trying to obtain American citizenship.

Very few countries allow foreign surrogacy contracts. The United States is one of the rare countries that allows for it, along with Ukraine, India, Colombia, Georgia, and Laos.

While there is no database or formal record-keeping of how many babies are being born in America to surrogates for Chinese couples, surrogacy agencies in California reports hundreds, if not thousands of babies born for Chinese couples every year. The Heritage Foundation describes this as a threat to national security, as there are no laws keeping track of biological children of Chinese nationals who are born in the US and therefore have full citizenship.

While China maintained a “one child” policy until 2015, Chinese leadership has realized their population is now in decline and now encourages citizens to have multiple children. A prediction from the United Nations expects China’s population to decrease by 100 million by 2050, and more than half a billion by 2100. The Chinese government has been increasing incentives for couples to have more children, with some places increasing paid leave for newly married couples, and other places offering financial stipends to new parents.

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