US Troops in Danger at Major Embassy

US Troops in Danger at Major Embassy

( – Since Russia invaded Ukraine over a year ago, the United States has sent enormous amounts of military and humanitarian aid to the defending country in an attempt to boost its chances of winning its war against Russian President Vladimir Putin. Up until someone leaked classified US military documents about the American presence overseas, Americans knew little about what the actual number of US personnel looked like in the country. However, a leaked photo showed there could be 14 US special forces members in Ukraine. Many people wonder if they are in danger.

White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters there are US military members guarding the US embassy in Kyiv, although he would not confirm the number. He emphasized they are not on the battlefield but rather protecting US interests in the capital city. However, retired Air Force Brigadier General Blaine Holt told Newsmax, “no one is leveling” with the American people about the “true investment” of the US in Ukraine.

Holt also highlighted that in the past, a seemingly “innocent group” of Americans overseas can quickly turn become an “on-ramp to full-blown war.” This happened in 1962 when the US established a Military Assistance Command in Vietnam that eventually ended up in a war, and also in Laos when a few planes in the country ended up with one downed in Cambodia. He noted how easy it is for war to ramp up as “advisers turn into units and units turn into combat units and they turn into losses.”

Taking this all into consideration, Holt wondered what the US response would be if a soldier at the embassy is injured or killed. He noted Congress must have some oversight in this process. While it would take a very targeted Russian attack to hit the US embassy in Kyiv, it is not out of the question, especially given Russia’s recent escalations and threats of nuclear war.

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