US Warships Are Now Training for War, Report Reveals

US Warships Are Now Training for War, Report Reveals

U.S. WARSHIPS On Alert – Preparing For War Signals!

( – China is constantly trying to expand its territory, especially in the South China Sea. As it is considered international waters, however, most nations can sail ships through it, although the Chinese Communist Party has never looked favorably on those that do so. Now, US warships are practicing security operations in the area, ensuring they are prepared for any potential battle with China.

On July 13, the US Indo-Pacific Command issued a statement detailing how the Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group is performing strike exercises, practice flights, and tactical training with its forces in the South China Sea. The group includes multiple guided-missile cruisers and a variety of warplanes.

Rear Admiral Michael Donnelly noted that by training with friendly entities, they’re able to “provide assured capability to uphold the rules-based international order in this body of water and anywhere else we will sail, fly, and operate.”

These US operations in the Eastern hemisphere follow shortly after the kickoff of the Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) 2022 maritime exercises, which continue through August 4. RIMPAC is the largest international navy exercise and is made up of 26 nations, nearly 40 ships, 4 submarines, 25,000 personnel, and a variety of other military equipment, all training together near Southern California and Hawaii.

Not surprisingly, China isn’t thrilled with these exercises, although it isn’t challenging the forces. That could be due to the overwhelming strength the alliance shows.

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