Vaccine Mandates Dropped By 4 Major Hospital Systems

Vaccine Mandates Dropped By 4 Major Hospital Systems

( – When President Joe Biden ordered all healthcare systems providing Medicare and Medicaid services to vaccinate their employees, nurses and doctors around the nation began to leave their careers in protest. But, on November 30, a federal judge temporarily stopped that mandate, opening the possibility that some hospitals could choose not to force vaccinations. Now, at least four major hospital systems have chosen to allow their workers to keep their jobs regardless of vaccination status.

In the two weeks following the federal judges’ halting of Biden’s mandate, HCA Healthcare Inc., Tenet Healthcare Corporation, AdventHealth, and the Cleveland Clinic all dropped their vaccine mandates for employees. These hospital systems were seeing nurses, doctors, technicians, janitors, and other employees leave in droves over the government mandate. By removing the restrictions, these top hospitals can retain their staff and support medical freedom among their employees.

Dr. Scott Jensen, who’s running to be the next Governor of Minnesota, shared his thoughts on the change in tune from these major healthcare systems:

When the mandates were in place, there was a mass exodus of employees from the healthcare field by those not willing to get vaccinated to keep their job. Additionally, the burnout many experienced from working on the pandemic’s front lines over the past two years made it difficult for many hospitals to keep enough staff on their payrolls.

By allowing staff to make their own choice regarding the coronavirus vaccine, hopefully, hospitals will retain enough high-quality employees and caregivers to continue serving the community around them to the best of their ability.

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