Vaccine Mandates Rejected by 3 Major Airlines

Vaccine Mandates Rejected by 3 Major Airlines

( – Soon after President Joe Biden announced intense restrictions on federal employees who are not vaccinated against COVID-19, many private companies, including United Airlines, began mandating the jab for their employees. But, taking a strong stand for personal choice and freedom, three other major airlines announced they will not require their workers to receive the still-experimental coronavirus vaccine.

On Friday, August 6, United Airlines announced all of their US employees must receive a COVID-19 inoculation in order to keep their jobs. The directive orders the jab regardless of their job and if they frequently come in contact with other people at work. In stark contrast, Southwest, American Airlines, and Delta have refused to follow suit.

House Representative Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) shared the exciting news:

Southwest CEO Gary Kelly has chosen “to strongly encourage” employees to receive a vaccine but will not require it, and he will also not be advocating for an extension to the current federal transportation mask mandate. Similarly, Delta and American will not mandate vaccinations, although the latter is incentivizing workers to get them by offering one additional vacation day next year if they do get the jab.

Having three major airlines take a strong stand against vaccine mandates is enormous, and this courageous move shows other major corporations they do not have to cave to the pressure placed on them by President Biden to follow suit.

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