Vaccines Rolling Out, CDC Addresses Reaction Risks

CDC Says 6 People Have Suffered Adverse Reactions to COVID Vaccine

( – The COVID-19 vaccine’s development has been a controversial topic this year, but President Donald Trump’s incredible Operation Warp Speed program has ensured its completion. It’s given Americans hope that the pandemic could come to an end early next year. However, this has been slightly overshadowed by a few people’s adverse reactions to the vaccine.

Over 270,000 shots of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine have been given to Americans since it was approved for emergency use by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). Of the quarter-million doses, six people have had a severe allergic reaction to it, including one who was given epinephrine to limit the reaction.

Fox 13 Tampa Bay tells more about the Center for Disease Control’s recommendations surrounding the vaccine:

Because both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines went through their medical trials so quickly, the potential adverse and long-term reactions to them will slowly come out over time. However, the ability for these vaccines to stop the deadly virus in its tracks and bring our society back to normal could make it well worth the risk.

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