Video Reveals Trump Supporters Tried to Stop the Violence

Video Shows Trump Supporters Tried to Break up Violence

( – While social media comes with many disadvantages, one of its advantages is it enables citizens to quickly share information. In light of the events that occurred on Wednesday, January 6 on Capitol Hill, many Americans shared their own accounts of just what happened and who was there.

Writer and entrepreneur Emma Right shared a video from the demonstration, showing Trump supporters reprimanding an attendee for breaking the window of the Capitol:

While it’ll take time for the FBI to figure out just who broke the law and desecrated our Capitol building, it’s wonderful to see so many Trump supporters supporting law and order during the rally. The FBI has asked Americans to help them ensure those who need to be held accountable for violence are found:

Tens of thousands of people showed up to support President Donald Trump in Washington, DC on Wednesday. The overwhelming attitude of the rally was one of gratefulness to the president for his commitment to America and our future. We must move forward with poise and passion in order to keep our nation moving in the right direction.

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