Walmart Gives Bonuses and Extends Emergency Leave Amid Pandemic

Walmart Gives Bonuses and Extends Emergency Leave Amid Pandemic

( – The COVID-19 pandemic allowed many Americans to work from home. For many others, that was simply not an option. Some major companies, like Walmart, have chosen to support their essential workers with holiday bonuses to show their appreciation for the extra risk they take by coming to work.

On Thursday, December 3, Walmart announced it will give over $700 million in bonuses to around 1.5 million workers this holiday season. This new round of cash is in addition to other bonuses given this year that total $2.8 billion.

News station SWVN 7 shares how it will be sent out:

President and CEO of Walmart US John Furner praised his employees for their dedication to serving Americans through “one of the most trying periods for our company and country.”

In addition, the paid emergency leave policy instituted in March will be extended through July 2021, giving workers the opportunity to stay home if they contract coronavirus without having to risk losing a paycheck or getting docked for missing work.

When the federal government is unable to provide aid to its citizens, the private sector often steps in. In a world where it’s easy for companies to only look at profits, Walmart has chosen to show support for its workers through tangible bonuses which are sure to help this Christmas.

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