War Waged on Avocados

War Waged on Avocados

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Cancel culture has hit many Hollywood actors and national brands in the past two years, but it may now be turning its attention to certain foods. Restaurants, famous chefs, and even social media influencers are beginning to talk about the carbon footprint and social justice aspect of avocados, and encouraging anyone who will listen to cut them from their diet.

Avocado prices increased dramatically over the past few years, to the point that some indigenous people of the areas they grow in can not afford them. Research has also shown two small avocados sold at a grocery store have almost the same carbon footprint as two pounds of bananas. In addition, these fruits often have to travel quite far in temperature-controlled environments to make it to their final destination.

For these reasons, some restaurants are introducing avocado alternatives to their menu, shared here by one Canadian:

In addition to restaurateurs like JP McMahon and Thomasina Miers taking them off the menu, TikTok star Calum Harris even shared a recipe for guacamole on his page last month. The catch? It uses green peas rather than the traditional green fruit.

While there’s something commendable about eating something in moderation, it’s a scary trend that popular culture could try and restrict people’s eating habits to only buy and eat foods available in large quantities with a small footprint. If this continues, who knows what food group is next.

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