Washington Post Admits Knee-Jerk Reaction Covering for Pete Buttigieg

Washington Post Admits Knee-Jerk Reaction Covering for Pete Buttigieg

(ConservativeInsider.org) – In order to be a good journalist, it’s vital to keep personal bias and partisan affiliation out of stories. However, it seems a bit of this snuck into the Washington Post’s reporting after Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg spoke about how some roads and bridges in New York City are actually racist.

On Monday, November 8, during a White House briefing, Buttigieg told reporters that builders purposefully constructed some underpasses in New York lower than others to prevent black and Puerto Rican kids from accessing the beach. When Americans began questioning this story, however, Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler came to Buttigieg’s defense, shown here:

People quickly alerted Kessler to the fact the book and historian in question had little to support the claims of racist underpasses. It turns out, the only source for that bit of information passed away two years before the book went to print. Nearly all historians agree that the story is false.

In a rare admission of being wrong, the Washington Post acknowledged that its “knee jerked” when they defended the false claim. While it’s clear this reporter lept to a conclusion to support their political position rather than the truth, it’s still nice to see that some reporters have enough conscience and integrity to admit when they are wrong.

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