Washington Post Will Now Start Using Term Pregnant People As They Erase Women

Washington Post Will Now Start Using Term Pregnant People As They Erase Women

(ConservativeInsider.org) – For years, the Left has slowly been chipping away at the biological standards that set the two sexes apart. Now, The Washington Post joined in the fight. The mainstream paper released a new style guide, directing its writers to use the term “pregnant individuals” in addition to “pregnant women” in stories.

On Friday, October 1, Travis Lyles, an editor for the publication, shared updates to the paper’s style guide on Twitter, claiming the company made these changes to be “more inclusive.” The stylebook excerpt separates biology from gender identity, saying some people that are able to get pregnant do not “identify as women,” and so writers should use the term “pregnant person” or “pregnant individual” instead.

However, the Washington Post also said it did not want this change to “come at the expense of other marginalized groups, such as women.” So, it asked its writers to use the full phrase “pregnant women and other pregnant individuals” when space allows.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) criticized the change on Twitter:

The Washington Posts’ latest lingo is similar to the Democrats’ $3.5-trillion spending bill, which solely refers to “birthing individuals” when discussing the topic. Understandably, the GOP continues to push back against this rhetoric and remind Americans of the biological evidence for the male and female sexes.

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