What 2020 Really Taught Us About Voting

What 2020 Really Taught Us About Voting

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Election Day has come and gone, and this year was unlike any other. With unprecedented amounts of mail-in ballots and a record-breaking turnout, we have learned so much about the American spirit and voting this year. Let’s take a look at just a few trends that may or may not stick around.

Election Officials and Poll Watchers Are Critical

The fact that almost any US citizen can help check IDs, watch polls, and count ballots for our election is a privilege few have in the world. This year, we saw how critical it is to have trustworthy election officials with integrity and providing oversight and transparency to the process. Some states are even using the momentum from this election to recruit for next year:

Decentralized Policy Can Get Murky

The US Constitution gives states the power to run elections however they see fit. But, that means every state will run their polls and ballot counting differently. This created some confusion this year when some citizens did not understand why people in some states could vote early and in others, like Pennsylvania, didn’t begin counting votes until Election Day.

Audits Give Voters Confidence in the Process

With how quickly social media can spread alleged voter fraud, media attention, or lack thereof, can quickly muddy the waters of election integrity. Thankfully, most Americans were able to re-establish trust in this year’s election process when states audited their votes, including Georgia’s hand recount.

Only four states currently have risk-limiting audits in place. But, it’s likely more states will pass legislation for these confidence-boosting laws after this year.

Elections Will Always Be a Matter of National Security

From Iranian-run social media bots to Russian disinformation campaigns, we’ll likely have attempts at election interference from other nations in every future election. This year, as it was in 2016, the issue was politicized. Thankfully, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) helped protect our election without picking sides:

Not Just One Election Day

Mail-in ballots and absentee voting have been getting more abundant in the past decade:

Looking ahead, it’s likely that we will have an election week or month filled with early voting and more mail-in ballots, rather than just one single in-person Election Day.

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that participation in our incredible democracy is essential to protect our nation and our future.

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