What China’s Latest Aggressive Political Act Means To Taiwain

CCP Congress: Former President Removed, Concerns for Taiwan Increase

CCP Congress: Former President Removed, Concerns for Taiwan Increase

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Politics is often a messy business, as dictators use power moves to show their strength and get their way. Such a thing may have happened recently when aides escorted former general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Hu Jintao out of the CCP National Congress meeting days ago. Some people believe this incident was Chinese President Xi Jinping pushing out an old leader to show his resolve for new desires, such as the hope his nation will take over Taiwan.

On Saturday, October 22, just before the 20th CCP National Congress in Bejing elected Xi Jinping to his third term as president, Kong Shaoxun, another high-ranking CCP official, assisted Hu in leaving the meeting room, as seen in this video.

According to the state-run media agency China Xinhua News, Hu Jintao simply needed “time to recuperate” and, therefore, his staff moved him to another room “for his health.” However, not everyone buys the theory. Reporters noted this incident came just before the president spoke about resolving himself to “clear out the party of all its ills.”

Soon after these remarks, US Navy Admiral Michael Gilday emphasized the “increasingly violent” rhetoric coming from China and warned there could be a new fight “at any time.” While it is difficult for anyone to truly unpack what happened at this event without more information, it is possible Xi Jinping was asserting his power in office yet again, something he would likely do before trying to take Taiwan.

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