White House Deploys Justice Department – Again!

White House Deploys Justice Department - Again!

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Since taking office in January, President Joe Biden has made little progress with improving foreign policy, boosting the US economy, or combatting the coronavirus. Hoping to gain some approval points from his party, he mandated that employees of federal contractors receive the COVID-19 vaccine earlier this year. However, this week, a US District Judge blocked the federal government from enforcing the mandate. Biden’s administration is now pushing back.

On Tuesday, November 30, US District Judge Terry Doughty stopped the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) from enforcing Biden’s vaccine mandate. In his statement, Doughty emphasized that such a requirement “is something that should be done by Congress, not a government agency.” This is a perfect example of the judicial branch providing checks and balances to the executive branch of government.

President Biden did not like this power-restricting ruling and announced the following day he would use the Department of Justice (DOJ) to fight against the ruling. Reuters Legal team shares more:

This ruling was the latest in a string of lawsuits from various states and companies hoping to limit the vaccination mandates that President Biden’s administration has imposed. Yet, the president keeps trying to use his Justice Department to gather more power and force Americans to get a vaccine in order to keep their jobs. At a time when the workforce is already spread thin and the economy is questionable as inflation grows, this seems like an odd move from the leader of the free world.

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