White House Leak Shows Biden Tried to Manipulate World Leader in Secret

White House Leak Shows Biden Tried to Manipulate World Leader in Secret

(ConservativeInsider.org) – It’s no secret President Joe Biden dropped the ball when it came to the abrupt withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. His horrendous decision left the nation unprepared, allowing the Taliban to sweep in and take over its government. Many Americans have wondered just how much our commander-in-chief knew about the situation as he watched it unfold.

According to newly leaked transcripts reviewed by Reuters, President Biden knew quite a bit about the Taliban’s strength, and even tried to get Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to change the “perception” surrounding the crisis for his own benefit.

Biden Attempts to Manipulate President Ghani

On Tuesday, August 31, Reuters published excerpts of a transcript from a July 23 call between Biden and Ghani about the Taliban invasion. Biden began the call by telling the Afghan president the world’s perception of the Taliban invasion into his nation was not good.

Our commander-in-chief followed up the obvious statement by telling Ghani that, “there’s a need, whether it is true or not…to project a different picture.” These words show that Biden was asking the Afghan president to lie about how bad the situation was in order to make the United States, and in turn, Biden’s presidency, look better.

Biden Promises to Support Ghani’s Government

Further along in the call, President Biden assures Ghani that our nation will “fight hard, diplomatically, politically, economically, to make sure your government not only survives, but is sustained and grows.” Looking back over the past month, however, it’s clear that Biden did not keep this promise.

In an attempt to encourage Ghani, President Biden asked the Afghan leader to “put a warrior in charge” of the resistance to the Taliban because “that will change the perception.” Setting aside that obvious and awkward suggestion, Ghani replied to Biden, detailing just what his nation was facing.

According to Ghani, Afghanistan saw a “full-scale invasion, composed of Taliban, full Pakistani planning and logistical support, and at least 10-15,000 international terrorists.” This conversation shows that not only did President Biden know the strength of the Taliban army going into the crisis, but he tried to manipulate our ally in their hour of need in order to make himself look better.

Biden’s Top Staffers Reiterated the Need to Change the Perception Later That Day

In case the call described above was not incriminating enough against President Biden, a second call on July 23, also obtained by Reuters, showed the Biden administration as a whole was also in on the plan.

According to Reuters, a phone call with Afghan President Ghani, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, General Mark Milley, and US Central Command commander General Frank McKenzie also focused on the “perception” of the war. Apparently, Milley told Ghani that the current “narrative” is one “of Taliban victory,” and he emphasized our nations’ “need to collectively demonstrate and try to turn that perception, that narrative around.”

Both the White House and spokesmen for these top military leaders declined to comment on these phone calls. But, if they’re true, it’s clear that the Biden administration’s attempt to manipulate our ally for its own benefit failed. Those actions left our nation with a disgraced leader and an ally’s fallen government.

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