White House Officials Preparing to Force Institutions Into Compliance

White House Officials Preparing to Force Institutions Into Compliance

(ConservativeInsider.org) – In his ongoing attempt to subdue coronavirus across our nation, President Joe Biden and his administration are assessing all their options to increase vaccination rates, including withholding money from institutions who do not comply with the federal government’s desires. A new report from The Washington Post detailed how institutions like universities, long-term health care facilities, and even cruise ships could be threatened with a lack of funding if the administration goes down this route.

On Thursday, August 5, the Post outlined that while no official decisions have been made, the White House is heavily considering withholding Medicare dollars and grants from places that do not require vaccinations for their employees. Understandably, this would cause an enormous pushback from Conservatives who value medical freedom.

One American did not beat around the bush when sharing this news on Twitter:

This announcement came after Biden mandated that all federal employees be vaccinated or face rigorous testing and distancing protocols. That decision also faced pushback, including from the American Postal Workers Union, a group that endorsed Biden for president during his campaign.

The simple fact that the Biden administration is considering withholding funds to pressure institutions into getting a still-experimental vaccine with unknown efficacy against the Delta variant is distressing from the standpoint of protecting basic human rights. Hopefully, our lawmakers will stand up to this authoritarian move should it come to fruition.

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