White House Says ‘Mission Was Accomplished’ in Afghanistan

White House Says 'Mission Was Accomplished' in Afghanistan

(ConservativeInsider.org) – After a tumultuous week in Afghanistan with little transparency from the White House, the Biden administration appears to be doing more damage in an attempt to control the current narrative. Rather than acknowledging the chaos that currently grips Afghanistan and the estimated 10,000, or more, Americans still stranded in the nation, the White House released a video. In it, a junior official declared that our “mission was accomplished” in the Middle East.

On Wednesday, August 18, Jon Finer, Biden’s Principal Deputy National Security Advisor, donned a bright pink tie to deliver a short address to the nation on Twitter, shared here by the White House:

The text alongside the video highlighted that Finer’s words were “what’s important to know about the situation in Afghanistan,” seeming to imply Americans should not worry about the countless human rights issues or the stranded Americans and Afghans still under attack overseas.

Finer relayed that Biden’s mission in Afghanistan was to “get the people who attacked us on 9/11,” and he declared that mission “accomplished.” He also added that they accomplished the US mission at the International Airport “because [they] planned for it.” Again, Finer did not acknowledge the Taliban setting up checkpoints near the airport, taking over the presidential palace, or the lives lost at the airport itself.

He finished his short speech highlighting that Biden is bringing as many vulnerable Afghans as possible to the United States, saying the administration will use “every tool at [its] disposal” to secure freedom for women and girls in Afghanistan moving forward. Despite this optimism, many Americans disagree with celebrating any mission accomplished moments after seeing the chaos we left behind.

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