White House to Claim Border Crisis Is About … Climate Change?

White House to Claim Border Crisis Is About... Climate Change?

(ConservativeInsider.org) – The past year brought enormous numbers of illegal immigrants to America’s door after President Joe Biden relaxed security policies at the southern border. However, his administration won’t admit any fault for the surge in illegals. Instead, it released a new report showing Biden is “officially recognizing” that climate change is actually the main driver behind the influx of migrants and a myriad of other problems.

Biden Admin Links Climate Change to Migration Patterns

On Thursday, October 21, the Biden administration released a fact sheet and accompanying reports outlining how climate change is directly affecting migration and will continue to do so in the coming decades. As an overall theme, the documents say that climate change makes resources more scarce and amplifies natural disasters, thus driving communities to seek out greener pastures.

The report also set the stage for the administration to likely increase the number of migrants it allows in. It alleges that when wealthy nations make policies to “deter migration,” it encourages migrants to head to lower-income countries that could easily become politically unstable when even more people demand social services and support.

A Change in Tune for National Security

This is the first time the Biden administration officially linked climate change to migration and the border crisis. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is also preparing to move on this new problem. The agency outlined how it will develop a “strategic framework” to address climate change, “develop climate resilience,” research “climate science,” and create proper response mechanisms to “climate-driven emergencies.”

Through this declaration, the Biden administration not only introduced a vast amount of climate-centric lingo to the federal government, but it also managed to deflect some of the blame from the enormous number of migrants at the border.

Looking Ahead

One Biden administration official detailed that the US could make “new legal pathways” for immigrants to come to the US should climate change impact their homelands. All of this comes ahead of President Biden and key Cabinet members heading to the United Nations climate summit the first week of November in Glasgow, Scotland.

Now that Biden is finally moving forward on these issues that Democrats have bugged him about for months, he’s creating a catch-all excuse for everything from migration and geopolitical tension to natural disasters and increased government spending. While climate change could possibly be affecting these things, the Biden administration must also acknowledge the change in policy it instituted in January 2021 that encouraged tens of thousands of migrants to easily cross our border.

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