The WHO Sides With Trump on Economic Issues

WHO Sides With Trump on Economic Issues

( – After months of various lockdowns, the World Health Organization (WHO) took a stand against the continual shutdown of daily life that has wreaked havoc on employment, quality of life, and supply chains over the past few months. The WHO’s Envoy on COVID-19, Dr. David Nabarro, detailed the opinion in an interview with The Spectator’s Andrew Neil.

Early on in the pandemic, the WHO emphasized lockdowns were the best way to beat the coronavirus pandemic. However, they just changed their stance, citing that the continued shutdowns increased suicidal thoughts, domestic violence, and drug overdoses.

Dr. Nabarro warns that if these continue, child malnutrition may double as poverty continues to rise. Instead, these drastic measures should only be taken when and if the government or medical community needs to “reorganize, regroup, [and] rebalance your resources.”

The WHO’s updated stance on lockdowns supports what the White House has said all along. As President Trump opened the US economy, job numbers greatly improved. This, in turn, gives people needed personal connection while providing jobs, money, and hope for our future.

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