Whopping 52% of Americans Say Biden Should Now Resign

Whopping 52% of Americans Say Biden Should Now Resign

(ConservativeInsider.org) – After hearing about the death of 13 American soldiers and over 170 Afghan civilians at the hands of ISIS during the mass evacuation of US citizens and allies from Afghanistan, many Americans were angry over President Joe Biden’s handling of the situation. Coupled with the fact that our commander-in-chief left hundreds of US citizens in the war-torn nation after the August 31 deadline to pull out all US troops from the country, the majority of Americans are asking Biden to resign.

On Wednesday, September 1, Rasmussen Reports released a recent poll that showed 52% of Americans believe Biden should resign, with 9% being unsure. However, only 38% of Americans believe Vice President Kamala Harris, who would take over the presidency if Biden were to resign, qualifies for the job as commander-in-chief.

In a summary of the poll, Rasmussen highlighted that the “desire to get Biden out of the White House does not translate to confidence in his vice president’s qualification to replace him.” The survey, conducted on August 30 and 31, included 1,000 likely US voters, and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3%.

Pennsylvania’s Republican Party highlighted how many Democrats think Biden should step down from his duties:

To the majority of Americans, it’s clear that President Biden botched his job of keeping US troops safe while ending the war in Afghanistan and supporting our allies overseas. Now, they want him to take responsibility for his actions. However, many Americans similarly are hesitant to have Harris take over, leaving the US with quite the catch 22.

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