Why Airlines Are Irritated by Skiplagging

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Skiplagging is when a traveler buys a ticket with a connecting stop or a layover on the way to their “final” destination and fails to travel the remainder of their flight per their ticket. While this practice is not illegal, many carriers are changing policies and punishing those who utilize this practice. The cost of airfare has soared in recent years, and travelers are adapting.

Aktarer Zaman, founder and CEO of Skiplagged.com, says that his website empowers people and is leveling the playing field for the weary traveler tired of battling the airlines and their price gouging. The website details the potential risks of this practice and helpful hints to ensure your travel goes smoothly.

The airlines have primarily targeted online providers in recent years with lawsuits but will address repeat offenders and may ban a traveler from utilizing their services. The fine print of the ticket, the terms and conditions, is a contract of carriage, and travelers may be fined or punished if they fail to meet their end of the contract and travel according to their ticket.

Airlines have their reasons for setting their prices and setting their rules but skiplagging is simply a byproduct of the industry the airlines themselves created. Airlines indicate that the practice is likely to cause delays while employees try to track down the “missing” passenger.

Regardless of how a person likes to travel, it’s become ever more critical to read the terms and conditions to ensure that both parties meet all requirements. The silver lining of the pandemic was that people began to understand the fine print associated with travel cancellation policies and rights that the parties retain under certain circumstances. Additionally, more and more businesses, especially airlines, are retaining the right to protect their workers by giving them the benefit of removing unruly customers. The customer is no longer right in every circumstance.

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