Why Ammo Prices Are Alarmingly High

Why Ammo Prices Are Alarmingly High

Why Ammo Is Showing An Alarming Trend

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Supply and demand both have a huge influence on the price of goods, and things like inflation, monopolies, and material availability all affect that. Americans have seen nearly every aspect of their lives get more expensive in recent months as inflation hits a high not seen in decades. These elevated prices also extend to ammunition — here’s why.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, most people could get a box of ammunition for a low enough price that they didn’t have to second-guess shooting it all during target practice that afternoon. However, as coronavirus restrictions slowed factory output, prices began to rise. In addition, raw materials for bullets, which includes copper, brass, aluminum, steel, lead, propellant powder, and primer, have all increased, leading to a higher price on the shelf.

On top of this, America has experienced some of the highest gun ownership rates in its history, leading to a higher demand for bullets while the supply remains restricted. Of course, there’s also a high demand for bullets in Russia and Ukraine as the war between the two rages on.

Most experts do not see the price of ammunition coming down anytime soon, although the two main manufacturers, Vista Outdoor and the Olin Corporation, are trying to get their products onto as many shelves as possible. That doesn’t necessarily mean it will be any cheaper; it will just be more available.

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