Why Riots Don’t Create Real Change

Why Riots Don't Create Real Change

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Since the death of George Floyd in police custody on May 25, riots and looting have persisted across the United States. Insurance experts have stated that the covered losses arising from these events may be the most extensive of any period of civil disorder in history. And, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is only likely to get worse if people do not adhere to social-distancing guidelines.

Clearly, then, the riots are doing plenty of damage, but will the resulting social change be worth it in the long run? Those in charge of the protests might believe so, but this idea doesn’t stand up to close inspection.

Economic Damage

Firstly, let’s look at the financial and proprietary losses that have come about during recent riots. Around 400 businesses suffered damage in Minneapolis alone, and experts estimate the overall monetary cost of the protests to the city will be around $500 million. People were fighting for racial equality; however, one of the fundamental causes of racial inequality is poverty. People of color typically have lower incomes and less wealth than their white counterparts, leaving them less likely to pursue higher education and more likely to get involved in crime. Laying waste to local economies hardly seems like a sensible method of improving this situation.

Loss of Trust

The destruction of property and physical items is only half the reason why riots will ultimately fail to effect real change. The loss of mutual goodwill and trust between different social groups will prove just as troublesome, if not more so. Riots, which allegedly aim to protest against racism and police violence, have now destroyed property belonging to Americans of every background, most of whom are neither racist nor members of law enforcement. Expecting people like this (who may well have been sympathetic to anti-racist causes originally) to support movements like Black Lives Matter is delusional.

There’s no straightforward solution to any major social problem; if there was, it wouldn’t be a major problem in the first place. If America does, indeed, have issues with institutional racism and police violence (and this isn’t as clear-cut as protest organizers would have you believe) they will not be solved by mindless anarchy.

The only way for us to move on from this period is to allow frank and productive discussion about the perceived problems at hand; rioting will only make everything worse.

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