Wikipedia Founder Says Website Has Turned Into “Leftist Propaganda”

Wikipedia Co-Founder Says Website Has Turned Into

( – Reliable news and information use multiple sources from a variety of viewpoints to build a story. For years, the famed internet encyclopedia Wikipedia did just that. However, one co-founder lamented the sites’ trajectory in recent years, now calling it “leftist propaganda.”

In an interview published with The Epoch Times on Saturday, September 25, Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger affirmed that for the first five years after its launch in 2001, the site “made a real effort at neutrality.” However, 125,000 volunteer editors and 1,000 administrators who overwhelmingly hold left-leaning views now run the site. With this, Sanger said they slowly manipulated the site’s contents so that it “grossly misrepresents” those who hold right-leaning “or even contrarian” views.

Lead curator and blogger at Bien-Aime Post, Daniella Bien-Aime, spoke about the mass departure of employees that worked for the site on Twitter:

A prime example of Wikipedia’s bias is found in the editing history of pedophile Jeffery Epstein and former president Bill Clinton. While flight logs confirmed that Clinton flew on Epstein’s plane over two dozen times, Wikipedia editors repeatedly deleted that information before people complained about the censorship.

This is just one of the many ways the go-to encyclopedia tries to influence our world, and it’s likely to only go further down this slippery slope.

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