Woke Health Researchers Want to Drop Morbidly Obese Term

Woke Health Researchers Want to Drop Morbidly Obese Term

Health Researchers Are Trying To BAN This Term for Severely Overweight People

(ConservativeInsider.org) – The term “morbidly obese” gained traction in the 1970s as more Americans had weight levels more than 100 lbs over their ideal weight for multiple years in a row. Such a condition threatens their health and life, thus making the chance of death or morbidity higher. This medical term is clear and direct, but not derogatory. Despite this, some woke health researchers hope to drop the use of the term.

New research published in the scientific journal “Obesity” detailed how negative rhetoric may hurt the feelings of severely overweight people. The team criticized the term “morbidly obese,” saying it should be replaced with “severely obese.” They also said that rather than weight loss “failures,” doctors should refer to such attempts as “ineffective” or “inefficient.”

It is clear that progressive researchers do not want excessively large people to have their feelings hurt, which in and of itself is not a bad goal. However, people who disagree with changing this terminology highlight that “morbidly obese” is a medical term, and thus should not be changed. It provides the right amount of straightforward discussion that should happen with a person with a high BMI because they do, in fact, have a greater risk of death — also known as morbidity — and they need to know that.

There have been many instances recorded where morbidly obese people were directly motivated to lose weight because of the specific term used. It is vital to remember that obesity is a serious health issue and not a woke terminology one.

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