Woman Sick After Coming Into Contact With CDC Test Monkeys

Woman Sick After Coming Into Contact With CDC Test Monkeys

(ConservativeInsider.org) – The ability of some viruses to jump from animals to humans is a trait often studied by scientists and one that has been hotly debated during the COVID-19 pandemic. This week, a Pennsylvania woman came into contact with some laboratory test monkeys after a car accident turned multiple subjects loose on a state highway. However, her run-in with the primates led her to develop some strange symptoms, raising the alarm once again about just what viruses these monkeys may have.

On Friday, January 21, Pennsylvania resident Michelle Fallon pulled her car over to help at an accident site. That’s where she discovered a truck carrying 100 lab monkeys had crashed. Fallon, who had an open wound on her hand, approached the accident, touched the crates, and observed the feces and carnage strewn all over the road. She helped the drivers out until law enforcement could take over at the scene. The following day, Fallon came down with a cough and an eye infection and headed to the emergency room.

One reporter shared the frightening situation on Twitter:

According to a Facebook post, Fallon spoke with law enforcement and someone from the CDC about the incident, and she is being monitored for rabies and monkey herpes B virus. Hopefully, Fallon’s illness amounts to nothing more than a very bad day, and she recovers from whatever overtook her quickly before spreading it to others. The last thing the world needs is another viral outbreak.

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