World Health Organization Attacks Steve Bannon

World Health Organization Attacks Steve Bannon

( – As the coronavirus began to spread worldwide last year, then-President Donald Trump openly criticized the World Health Organization (WHO) for its lack of action on the pandemic and defense of China, where the virus likely originated. Over a year later, corruption is still evident within the WHO. This time, an investigator rallied against Steve Bannon and other conservatives.

Peter Daszak was one of the WHO investigators who traveled to China to investigate the origins of COVID-19. But, recent reports show he’s worked with, and been paid by, both the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) for years.

Over the weekend of March 13, the National Pulse shared a panel discussion video where Daszak attacked conservatives like Steve Bannon for their “anti-China political rhetoric.”

Defense Analyst Sarhad Ke Paar shared the video and explained more about Daszak’s true allegiances:

From this video, as well as the ties Daszak has to the CCP, it’s clear that at least one WHO investigator is attempting to cover up potentially negative information about China’s role in COVID-19. We must continue to demand full transparency for any investigation into the origins of coronavirus in order to hold China accountable for the chaos it’s likely caused.

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