World Leader Admits Mandates Are About Coercion

World Leader Admits Mandates Are About Coercion

( – At the beginning of the pandemic, many nations lauded Israel for its intense vaccination rollout and subsequent drop in cases. However, the country is now facing a rising coronavirus caseload, and the Health Minister just let it slip that the government’s current COVID passport is not actually for medical reasons. It’s to put pressure on the unvaccinated.

On Sunday, September 12, Israeli Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz met with the Minister of Interior before their weekly cabinet meeting. The pair didn’t realize cameras and microphones were already rolling when Horowitz told his counterpart, “there is no medical or epidemiological justification for the COVID passport,” but it is actually about coercing the “unvaccinated to vaccinate.”

Disclose TV shared a snippet of the conversation, broadcast by Channel 12 News:

Horowitz pushed for the government to remove passport requirements from outdoor dining and commented that it’s rarely enforced in the nation anyway. This came as nations like Sweden closed their doors to Israeli travelers due to the country’s rising case rate.

While Israel did initially push the vaccine heavily, only around 58% of the population received the jab, as many are too young or quite hesitant to receive the vaccine. In addition, the Delta variant broke through some fully vaccinated citizens, and many unvaccinated citizens simply got infected by the easily spread variant.

Israel’s example goes to show that even an intense protocol may not be enough to stop this pandemic anytime soon, and government coercion may be ineffective when it comes to trying to end it.

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