16 GOP Senators Sign Letter Blasting Biden’s Border Action

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Conservative senators grilled President Joe Biden over his attempts to announce a generous amnesty scheme that would allow more than 500,000 illegal immigrants to become legal residents of the United States.

Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma led a group of 16 Republican senators who criticized the president in their letter. The senators wrote that Biden’s amnesty plan is only worsening the already deteriorating southern border condition and that it contradicts the laws passed by the Congress.

According to the senators, parole is supposed to be used on a case-to-case basis on people who are not yet present in the United States and not as a political tool to grant mass amnesty to illegal aliens.

The letter also slammed Biden for his efforts to reverse Trump-era policies like the Remain in Mexico program and other such measures that intended to bring the illegal border crossing down.

Instead of wasting the resources in useless avenues, the letter continued, the president should focus on protecting Americans from drug cartels and other US enemies that try to exploit the poor law enforcement situation at the border.

Biden only wanted to change the prevailing narrative around the border crisis, the letter continued, which urged him to sign a recent executive order to limit the illegal immigrants entering the US and that he is not concerned about border security, which is also evident in his latest program.

The letter also told Biden that the border enforcement recently arrested eight individuals with ties to the terror outfit ISIS-K, adding that ICE is expecting more such arrests in the near future due to the highly porous border.

Apart from the senators, GOP House lawmakers also lambasted the president. House Speaker Mike Johnson claimed that Biden is trying to give voting rights to illegal aliens through this amnesty program.

Biden’s mass amnesty program is likely to cost $4 billion per year to American taxpayers apart from potential law enforcement crisis that mostly comes with illegal border crossings.

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