Alito Slams Media In Released Secret Recording

( – A recording taken without the knowledge of Supreme Court Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr was released on Monday, June 10, featuring Alito complaining about the way the media has covered the Supreme Court.

Lauren Windsor, a liberal filmmaker, posed as a conservative Catholic while speaking to Alito at a gala in early June and secretly recorded their conversation. Windsor brought up the falling levels of trust that Americans have in the highest court in the land and asked Alito how he thought it could be restored. Alito replied that he didn’t know and went on to say that while it was “easy” to blame the media, he did believe the mainstream press was responsible because they do “nothing but criticize” the Court.

At another point in the conversation, Windsor suggested that the solution to a lot of the division in the country was to “return” America to a “place of godliness.” Alito said he agreed with her. Windsor also said something similar to Chief Justice John Roberts, though he responded in a more neutral way, saying that he didn’t know if that was true.

Alito and Windsor also spoke about the deep ideological divides within the country, and Alito stated that eventually, one side would win, though he did not specify which one. He went on to say that it’s impossible to compromise on certain “fundamental things.”

Windsor also spoke to Alito’s wife, Martha-Ann, who referenced a religious flag she flew at the couple’s New Jersey beach house, saying it was in response to having to see gay pride flags “for the next month.”

According to Windsor, she said speaking to the Justices under false pretenses and recording them secretly was “justified” because she believes the Court itself is “shrouded in secrecy.”

The full recordings of Windsor’s conversations with members of the Court have not been released, leading some to speculate that the recordings have been selectively edited. When asked to comment on the recordings, the Court declined to do so.

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