Biden Urged to Revoke Pro-Terror Media Outlet’s Credentials

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( – Republican lawmakers are urging President Joe Biden to revoke Al Jazeera’s access to the White House as Israel claimed that its forces found three Israeli hostages in the home of one of Al Jazeera’s journalists.

In his letter to Biden, Republican Senator Marco Rubio wrote that Al Jazeera has a long history of promoting pro-terror and anti-American narratives. The Senator demanded that the media outlet should not be given any access to the White House until it cuts off its connections with terror organizations.

According to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), they recovered three hostages in Gaza from Abdallah Aljamal’s house, who was affiliated with Al Jazeera and was killed during the hostage rescue operation.

The conservative lawmaker also noted that Aljamal and his extended family held three Israelis captive for 246 days, who were finally recovered by the IDF.

Meanwhile Al-Jazeera has claimed that it has no connection with Aljamal as he never worked with the outlet apart from his contribution in an op-ed five years ago.

However, Rubio dismissed Al Jazeera’s concerns, stating that the network listed him as a “Gaza-based reporter” on its English website, which shows that he indeed had affiliations with the company.

Apart from his work with Al Jazeera, Rubio continued, Aljamal also worked with another pro-Hamas network, Palestine Chronicle, which is operated by a former Al Jazeera employee, Ramzi Braoud.

Rubio insisted that even though free press is part and parcel of democracy, this does not mean that the media should be allowed to instigate hate and promote terrorism.

Al Jazeera is funded by the Qatari government and operates all over the world in multiple languages. However, its Arabic channel has come under intense scrutiny for publishing the interviews of Hamas sympathizers and giving them a megaphone to amplify their voices.

Israel has recently banned Al Jazeera from operating in the country and accused them of sponsoring terrorism. The network claims that Israeli forces want to shut down any media outlet that tries to expose its ambitions in the Middle East.

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