Billionaire Activist Criticizes Disney’s ‘Too Woke’ Films

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( – An activist investor who holds several billion dollars’ worth of stake in Disney gave an interview where he criticized the company for making their films “too woke.”

Nelson Peltz is an 81-year-old billionaire who runs an investment firm called Trian Partners that holds $3.5 billion in Disney stock. Peltz and his investment firm are currently trying to gain more control over Disney, launching a proxy war against the current board and CEO, Bob Iger. Peltz has asked other Disney investors to nominate him to the Disney board, along with former Chief Financial Officer Jay Rasulo. They are seeking to oust Maria Elena Lagomasino and Michael Froman, who are currently on Disney’s Board of Directors.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Peltz had harsh words for the studio that produces the famous Marvel superhero films, suggesting people don’t go to the movies “to get a message,” meaning a political message. He questioned why Marvel is making movies that feature only women or only Black actors. While admitting that he doesn’t know much about the movie business, Peltz suggested Disney doesn’t know much about movies either, considering they had “five big losers in a row.”

The Disney Corp., including Iger, have been furiously pushing back on Peltz’s attempt to gain more control in the corporation. Disney shared a presentation to investors recently titled “Correcting Trian’s Fiction with Facts.” The cover image of the presentation featured an image of Pinocchio with a long nose, a reference to the movie “Pinocchio,” whose title character has a nose that grows longer when he lies.

Peltz responded to the corporation’s attacks on him by calling the company “stupid,” claiming he isn’t trying to fire Iger, he’s trying to “help him.” Though Trian has shared a statement saying they support Iger, the investment firm withheld their votes for Iger as a board member.

The votes for the Board of Directors at Disney will take place at their next board meeting on April 3.

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