Bizarre Rescue: 38 Dogs Pulled Out by Fishermen

( – Two fishermen in Mississippi caught more than they expected when they went out to Grenada Lake in mid-June – they found over three dozen dogs treading water in the lake!

Friends Brad Carlisle from Covington, Tennessee and Bob Gist from Jonesboro, Arkansas met up with Jordan Chrestman, a local guide, to do some fishing on Grenada Lake.

Though the men were perhaps trying to catch some largemouth bass or crappie, they certainly got more than they bargained for when they went out onto the lake. While the fishermen were over a mile offshore, they noticed a large pack of dogs in the water.

The dogs were all hunting dogs wearing high-priced radio collars for tracking with numbers painted on their bodies. The men realized the dogs were unable to see the shore and knew they must be lost, so they quickly sprang into action to help the dogs.

Chrestman, who was driving the boat, pulled up alongside the pack of dogs, allowing Carlisle and Gist to grab each dog individually and load them into the boat. They grabbed as many dogs as they could fit into the boat and headed back to shore with them. They dropped the first load of dogs off at the shore and went back to fill their boat again with as many dogs as they could fit. After dropping off the second load of dogs, a man onshore with a GPS tracker for the dogs assisted them in getting back to the dogs for their third and final load. The men were able to safely rescue 38 dogs from the lake.

The dogs were part of a fox hunt but chased after a deer that tried to escape them by going into the lake.

Though Gist reported that the owner of the hunting dogs tried to pay them for saving the animals, the fishermen refused, saying that they were in the “right place at the right time.”

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