Boston Mayor Panned Over ‘No Whites’ Christmas Party

( – The Democrat mayor of Boston, Michelle Wu, sent an invitation to all members of the Boston City Council for a Christmas party meant only for “Electeds of Color.” Now she’s facing criticism.

Mere minutes after sending out the invite, the mayor’s aide and director of City Council relations, Denise DosSantos, sent out an email apologizing for sending it out to all the members of the City Council. She apologized for potential offense or confusion.

The City Council of Boston has 13 members, seven of whom are white and six of whom are racial minorities. The move divided members of the City Council, along with people on social media. Wu is the first Asian-American mayor of Boston. She defended her decision to host a party that excluded white members of the council by pointing out that the “elected officials of color” group has been meeting up for over a decade at this point.

While Frank Baker, a white Democrat on the City Council, said he wasn’t personally offended, he called the move “unfortunate and divisive,” pointing out that the holiday season is a time for all people to come together, regardless of differences, but that he couldn’t do anything about it. He also added that if he’s not invited to a party, he won’t attend.

However, black Democrat City Council member Brian Worrell said there was nothing unusual about the party, saying that the local Boston government makes space for “all kinds of specific groups.” Ruthzee Louijeune, a black member of City Council who was invited to the Electeds of Color party, said it was “not at all divisive” to host a party where half the members of an elected body are not invited due to the color of their skin. She claimed it is important to create a space for those who are still “breaking barriers.” Council member Ricardo Arroyo, who was also invited to the Electeds of Color party, called the controversy “much-to-do about nothing,” saying there was no division or friction over such a party.

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