Carlson Slams House GOP For Rewarding FBI

( – Former FOX News host Tucker Carlson slammed Republican lawmakers for funding the FBI at a time when the agency is busy prosecuting conservatives and helping President Joe Biden in his ultra-partisan agenda.

Speaking to attorney Tristan Leavitt, Carlson suggested that Republicans should have avoided funding the FBI for the construction of its new headquarters. According to him, Republicans were supposed to stop the funding due to their majority in the House, adding that the FBI is busy revoking the security clearance of people supporting former president Donald Trump in the 2024 elections. He further argued that the FBI has turned itself into a partisan political organization rather than an independent intelligence watchdog.

He was talking about the revocation of the security clearance of the FBI whistleblower, Marcus Allen, who found himself in trouble for questioning the FBI Director Chris Wray, who in turn questioned his “allegiance to the United States” and suspended him from the service.

However, Allen’s security clearance has recently been reinstated, and he was allowed to continue his job in the agency after receiving 27 months of back pay.

Allen decided to resign from the bureau after being reinstated.

The conservative commentator also asked the Republican lawmakers at what point they will stop rewarding the FBI.

Carlson was criticizing seventy House Republicans who joined Democrats to vote for the establishment of a new FBI headquarters in Maryland last year.

Leavitt also chimed in and asked Republicans to completely overhaul the FBI instead of funding it in the wake of the political scandals that have cast shadows on the working of the organization.

After seeing the current developments in the country, Carlson continued, it is becoming increasingly clear that the January 6 chaos was a “hoax,” and the government response to that event is the most corrupt thing in history.

Critics believe that President Biden has turned the FBI into a political machinery since assuming the office back in 2021.

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