Cesar Chavez Relatives Back Biden In Affront to RFK Jr.

(ConservativeInsider.org) – President Joe Biden is expected to receive a significant endorsement from Cesar Chavez’s family members, a move seen as a symbolic gesture aimed at independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is leveraging his family’s ties to the late union organizer and civil rights leader.

Fernando and Paul Chavez, sons of the late co-founder of the United Farm Workers, will endorse the president, as confirmed by the Biden campaign. The family’s connection to the campaign is already strong, with Julie Chavez Rodriguez, Chavez’s granddaughter, serving as the Biden’s campaign manager.

Paul Chavez expressed his endorsement, emphasizing his admiration for President Biden’s character and actions, which he believes align with the genuine legacy of his father, Cesar Chavez. Julie Chavez Rodriguez stressed the significance of President Biden’s understanding of organizing and working people, citing her grandfather’s bust in the Oval Office as a reminder of his enduring legacy.

With a record-breaking 36.2 million eligible Latino voters in this year’s general election, both leading candidates (Biden and Trump) have actively courted the Hispanic vote, particularly in key battleground states like Arizona and Nevada.

However, recent polls suggest that while Latino voters still lean towards President Biden, they may be more open to alternatives than in previous elections, with a 12-point drop in support for Biden among Hispanic voters compared to 2020.

RFK Jr., who is leveraging his Uncle John F. Kennedy’s historic “Viva Kennedy” slogan, is appealing to Latino voters in his independent bid for the presidency. Kennedy’s upcoming “Viva Kennedy 2024” event in Los Angeles aims to connect his campaign with his father’s historic ties to the farmworker and Latino civil rights movements.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the only time President Biden’s campaign has sought to counter Kennedy’s efforts. Earlier this month, on St. Patrick’s Day, the president hosted members of the Kennedy family for a private tour of the Oval Office, signaling their support for Biden and the Democratic Party’s nominee.

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