China Clamps Down On Keeping Taiwan By Any Means

( – China aims to “crush” any effort seeking to separate Taiwan from the “motherland,” as a top defense official of the country issued a clear warning against pro-separatist elements present inside the island.

The National Defense Minister of China, Dong Jun, suggested that China will not hesitate to launch a full-scale war against Taiwan if it does not stop its separatist ambitions.

Jun also accused Taiwan’s ruling party of trying to erase Chinese identity from its constitution and not allowing people-to-people contacts that could harbor pro-Chinese sentiments among Taiwanese people.

Anyone who tries to separate Taiwan from China will be “crushed to pieces,” the defense chief added.

This chilling warning from a top defense official of China came days after a large-scale military drill of China around Taiwan that involved bombing mock targets of the island.

China has long maintained that it has an explicit right to rule over Taiwan and that the island should not pursue to separate itself from mainland China. Chinese President Xi Jinping believes that Taiwan will eventually become part of mainland China regardless of the resistance it shows.

However, Beijing has become more assertive in its stance since the inauguration of Lai Ching Te as the new president of Taiwan.

Even though Ching Te is an outspoken critic of Chinese military ambitions, he has attempted to negotiate with China, but the Xi administration has continuously ignored his requests.

China deployed advanced warships and fighter jets in the drills, which many geopolitical experts believe is an indication of a possible full-scale invasion in the near future.

Taiwan slammed the drills and called it an “irrational provocation,” while the bipartisan group of American lawmakers rushed to the island and promised military support to help Taiwan defend itself.

The island also mobilized its limited forces as its defense ministry pledged to retaliate against the possible Chinese invasion.

While the United States has not jumped into the conflict directly, the US-China tussle in the South China Sea is a common spectacle near the islands controlled by Taiwan.

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