Chinese Officials Promote Taiwan Reunification

( – It’s good news for China and bad news for President Joe Biden, as Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim signals that Chinese reunification with Taiwan could finally be in the cards. During a visit to Malaysia on June 19 by Chinese Premier Li Qiang, the topic of China’s controversial claim to the Pacific Island came to the forefront.

During the visit, Anwar shared that Malaysia supports China’s goal of “achieving national reunification,” which is a change from his stance in 2023, when he went to Beijing to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Part of the reason for Li’s visit was to celebrate 50 years of diplomatic ties between China and Malaysia. In a press release from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Anwar expressed Malaysia’s support of the one-China policy, which includes a goal to reunify Taiwan with China, regardless of the lack of support from the Taiwanese people.

Many in the west fear that China is ramping up pressure on other leaders within the Global South to support their efforts to invade Taiwan, with some US military officials suggesting that Beijing might be planning an invasion by 2027.

The news of China and Malaysia’s strengthened resolve comes shortly after an interview in May where President Joe Biden stated that he wouldn’t rule out the usage of “military force” to defend Taiwan should China plan to invade. Though Biden, like every president before him, has refused to officially endorse Taiwanese independence, he stated that he wouldn’t back down from defending Taiwan if China “unilaterally” or forcefully attempts to change the governance of the democratic nation.

The Biden administration has strengthened American ties with other Asian countries and has encouraged them to bolster their defenses against China. The US military was granted access to bases in the Philippines that are closest to Taiwan, as their president, Ferdinand Marcos Jr. stated that if China were to invade Taiwan, the Philippines would likely get involved in some form due to their close geographic proximity.

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